In the western Caribbean Sea, 20 miles off the north coast of Honduras lies the Bay Islands. The jewel of the string of islands is Roatan.

Located on the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef (second largest in the world) is a dive resort called COCO-View.  Do you want to get away from it all, Spend a week diving and relaxing,  This is the place to go? Great diving, Great food, Excellent dive operations. You get it all.

Who wants to go!




North Carolina - Shipwreck Graveyard of the Atlantic

 Morehead City and Atlantic Beach is the more popular access point the amazing wreck diving off the North Carolina coast.

When you can get out. It is the graveyard for a reason - the weather and seas are unpredictable.  On those days when you do get out,  the diving is spectacular.  Conditions can range from glass flat to long rollers, to 5-8 foot swells (not for the faint of heart or weak stomach). This area has it all natural wrecks, artificial reefs all alive with a vast mixture of sea life.

I love reef diving and drift diving, but I am a wreck junkie, The history,  the wildlife, the adventure of seeing this vessels voyages continue,  there is nothing better!



Florida's South East Coast -

While there is really no bad places to dive in Florida, between West Palm Beach to Miami, it has it all.  Wrecks, reefs, drift, diving form a boat, or the shore. I have been up and down this section of coast. Normally we go out on one of the boat operations out of the Pompano Beach area lots to see close in.  Weather is usually great and the diving is better. Lots of dive operations to choose from, or if the tides aren't working with your schedule, grab a dive flag, a buddy, and plunge in some great reef just yards offshore.

The Florida's Keys -

The USA Caribbean get away.

From Key Largo to Key West the diving is just awesome. I have dove this several times and jump when the opportunity is available. Wrecks. my favorite, reefs or drift diving.   Shallow or deep it does not matter you can find it all. Northern Keys and Middle Keys life is laid back and easy.  Key West is Key West truly one of my favorite towns, I am not a big partier and this town has at least one major part event a month. The town has so much to offer, it is always a good time.  

Sailing the Bahamas -

Sailing and diving what more could you ask for. A week of near-perfect weather, good friend, great diving. Blackbeard cruises on board the Morning Star or the Sea Explorer - life is good.

Florida Springs

Springs country in central Florida in the middle of winter is a great place take a temporary thaw from the middle Atlantic cold.
The weather is warm and the water is water.  Move from dive site to dive site each day some time two sites in a day. Easy fun diving.